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A Great investment

A Wolf Glen tipi makes a great investment and will last for years with respectful handling. Some of the UK’s leading tipi holiday companies commission our tipis. You too can be confident that you’re getting the best.

Bespoke Tipis

If you want something really unique, why not treat yourself to a bespoke, painted tipi? We can decorate your tipi any way you like – maybe with your favourite colours, or motifs and symbols that mean something special.

Every Summer’s an Adventure!

All you have to do is put up a tipi in your garden, and every summer is an adventure. Imagine campfires, sleep-overs, parties, music with friends and family… Or a beautiful calming retreat where you can enjoy the closeness of nature.

Tipis are a great people magnet, and children of all ages love them! Sausages cooked on a tipi campfire taste wonderful. And there’s no greater delight than waking up to the sound of wood pigeons, and sun streaming through the smoke-hole. In fact, even rain somehow seems better in a tipi! But then, we’re biased…


Wolf Glen Tipis

Wolf Glen Tipis are based in the Tweed Valley in the beautiful Scottish Borders

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